Predictions for Blockchain in 2020

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George T. Mathew
Dennis A Porto
Ron Ribitzky
Susan Ramonat
Uli C Broedl
Kevin A Clauson
Frank Ricotta
Tory Cenaj
Anh L Ngo


During our 2019 ConVerge2Xcelerate (ConV2X) conference in Boston, we focused on the theme "Proving Market Value with Pragmatic Innovation in Healthcare" (see This year, along with BHTY editorial board members, conference speakers were invited to join with Tory Cenaj, Publisher of BHTY, to contribute their expertise and share insights for the near-term landscape of blockchain in healthcare.  


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Mathew, G., Porto, D., Ribitzky, R., Ramonat, S., Broedl, U., Clauson, K., Ricotta, F., Cenaj, T., & Ngo, A. (2020). Predictions for Blockchain in 2020. Blockchain in Healthcare Today, 3.
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