Co-Editor-in-Chief Position

About the Role

Blockchain in Healthcare Today Platform Approaches Journal is currently recruiting for Co-Editor-in-Chief. The role is a great opportunity for an academic or industry researcher with a strong professional and innovation background possessing the commitment, drive, and ability to grow and develop the journal as the field evolves.

The role is exciting, multifaceted, and diverse, requiring a broad range of skills and experience. You will be responsible for supporting staff and editorial board initiatives, commission editors and tasks, serve as champion, and promote the journal at conferences, events, and within academic circles, espousing the rigorous scientific and ethical integrity at Partners in Digital Health. You should have a strong publication track record with a passion for innovation in scholarly publishing – specifically, for a small independent publishing house and open access publishing.  

Becoming a co-editor-in-chief (EIC) is a rewarding experience where you will expand your network, promote research you’re passionate about, and be recognized as a leader within the academic community.

Key Skills and Attributes

  • Be an ambassador possessing vision and enthusiasm to grow and transform the journal through commissioning content, publication processes, and lobbying scholarly and open access indexes
  • Commitment to ethical rigor, knowledge of ICMJE and COPE guidelines preferred, with a commitment to adhering to ethical standards
  • Charismatic engagement with authors and researchers to invite the highest quality submissions on behalf of the journal
  • Champion the journal by reaching out to Early Career Researchers, and encourage and support authors in developing their work and submitting it to the Journal
  • Be an inspiring team leader that supports editors and staff to generate global, topical, and impactful articles, new concepts, and more experts in the field
  • Lead and grow the editorial board through meetings and networking opportunities
  • Ensure editorial board is engaged, responsive and involved, and journal scope is fully covered
  • Key opinion leader and reputation in your discipline
  • Build industry and academic partnerships
  • Plan and commission Article Collections for the Journal
  • Actively engage in developing your academic network and industry connections attending conferences, networking, and across social media
  • Significant experience in scholarly publishing and familiarity with processes
  • Desire to engage and train to develop editorial skills within the role
  • Plan to lead and attend annual editorial board meeting
  • Active across ecosystem and subject communities, identifying emerging research trends, and awareness and understanding of major developments in the publishing industry, such as open research and Open Access.
  • Taking part in a regular review monthly Journal performance to set strategic development including the Journal Aims & Scope

Application Instructions

To discuss and or apply for the position of Co-Editor-in-Chief, please forward your CV, a cover letter, and 1-2 page vision statement to Tory Cenaj, Publisher, at t.cenaj@partnersindigitalhealthcom.  Your vision statement should cover:

  • What you believe the trends, innovations, market forces, and expectations will be in the field, and how the journal can ensure covering topics, market challenges and opportunities
  • How you envision your relationship with the editorial board, and how you will manage them, along with academic and industry partnerships
  • How you will engage authors around the globe and encourage more high-quality submissions to the journal
  • What you will do to manage the editorial processing of manuscripts to ensure that these duties are completed in a timely and ethical manner, and ensure the journal publishes high-impact research to advance the field

A yearly honorarium will be paid based on the number of yearly research manuscript submissions.

Term: 3 years and may be renewed

Administrative support is provided to execute Journal business. 

Applications will be accepted through March 31, 2024. Candidates will be screened on a rolling basis.

All applications will be treated as strictly confidential, and each will be judged on its merits. Partners in Digital Health (PDH) is committed to supporting diversity, inclusion and egalitarianism across scientific and academic communication, and in publishing practices. This belief is reflected across internal journal practices, editorial and peer review boards, published content, journal and community outreach, and ambassador chapters to demonstrate the portfolio’s integrity, trust, and values to communities around the globe, to tear down barriers and borders relating to knowledge, economics, age, race, gender, sexual orientation, geography, and political views.

About the journal

Blockchain in Healthcare Today (BHTY) is the leading international open access journal that amplifies and disseminates platform approaches in healthcare and distributed ledger technology research and innovations. Fields of interest include healthcare information systems, leveraging data science tools and techniques, interoperability, consent mechanisms, privacy preservation, security of health data, clinical trials management, supply chain management, revenue cycle automation, immersive technologies, tokenomics, governance, regulation, network technologies, clinical computing, cryptography, and failed experiments in this expanding specialty field of research. The historic journal, founded in 2018, is credited with creating and validating the research field.

To Submit a Manuscript, upload here. Manuscript Preparation here.

Current Call for Papers here.

posted 12.12.23


Call for New Editors
Partners in Digital Health (PDH) journals are growing! We are recruiting global Editors, Associate Editors, Regional Editors, Peer Reviewers, and Early Career Reviewers.

We are interested in engaging a broader diversity of individuals, across different demographics and nationalities. Early and established researchers and subject experts from developing countries and under-represented groups are encouraged to apply. Perspective new team members should have:

  • Experience of the publication process, as evidenced by first-authored publications
  • Demonstrably strong expertise in one or more areas relevant to the journal
  • Willingness to handle manuscripts rapidly 
  • Interest in advancing younger scientists and supporting under-represented groups

Who are we looking for?
Experts in the fields below, with a passion for open access, innovation, data sharing, and the drive to be an advocate for their field. We want individuals who are in early and mid-career stages of their independent research careers, or frontline practitioners with real world experience in the trenches in the following fields:

What are the responsibilities?
You will work together with in-house, professional editors to serve the community by assessing, selecting and helping to improve the papers that are submitted. A key aspect of this is evaluating new submissions, managing, and participating in the peer review process. You will share the responsibility for the scientific quality of the manuscripts that you review. You will adhere to ethics, editorial standards, policies, and scope of the journal to ensure manuscripts are handled efficiently and appropriately.

  • Be willing to handle 1 or 2 manuscripts on a quarterly basis (we can set a predetermined limit)
  • Write one editorial or blog for the journal or submit an original research manuscript
  • Providing timely, fair, and constructive peer reviews
  • Encouraging colleagues to support the journal by submitting high quality work
  • Serve a 2-year term
  • You will have access to training modules to help develop your skills, and our in-house Editorial and administrative team will be on hand to provide additional support 
  • Be an ambassador for the journal
  • Participate on the annual global board meeting
  • Promoting progressive publishing ideas
  • Make recommendations to improve the journal, strategic directions, new features, departments

What are the benefits?

  • Contribute to your community providing efficient, constructive handling of papers 
  • Raise your profile and benefit your career by being an active participant in your field, through your work on the journal and interactions with authors, reviewers and fellow editors, industry and thought leaders around the globe
  • Participate in the annual ConV2X Symposium
  • Network and gain career exposure with speaker opportunities, join the speakers bureau, and moderate webinars and podcasts and debates
  • Waiver of article processing charge (APC) for 1 article each year of your term 
  • Peer review experience can be used in employment applications and grant funding
  • “Behind the scenes” views to enhance your knowledge of how editorial decisions are made and contribute insight into the peer review process
  • Increase your knowledge of your field by exposure to research, and the expertise of peers
  • Opportunity to shape the field and the publishing landscape by acting as an advocate for the active research community 
  • Become familiar with and maintain the high ethical standards of the journal

Editors are unpaid volunteers. This is to keep publication costs to a minimum and offer free publishing for authors without open-access funding.

Time off policy
We are all over committed. The journals and journal leadership is very cognizant of your personal and professional busy schedule. If an editor goes through a busy or stressful period they can just let us know that they won’t be able to handle submissions for a while. We will circle back in future.


  • When asked to handle a paper, you should accept or decline as soon as you receive your invitation. Accept if you have the time to read the paper and are comfortable with the topic.
  • You should then read the paper within 1-2 weeks, and make the decision of whether to reject, revise and resubmit, or accept it.


  • Preference for applicants with first author experience on two or more published peer-reviewed manuscripts
  • Applicants at universities, health systems and payors are encouraged to apply
  • Commitment to fostering a collegiate culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Previous editorial experience is not required
  • Adherence to ethics and manuscript confidentiality

How to Apply: Please send a brief cover letter of interest, CV, and a 200-word summary of your specific research expertise and experience to the editor at or address to John Russo, PhD, Managing Editor at

Applications are evaluated by editors-in-chief, editors, and publisher.

first posted 11.26.23