Volume 3, 2020

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Published: 2020-01-06

Predictions for Blockchain in 2020

George T. Mathew, Dennis A Porto, Ron Ribitzky, Susan Ramonat, Uli C Broedl, Kevin A Clauson, Frank Ricotta, Tory Cenaj, Anh L Ngo
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Bill Buchanan, OBE, of Edinburgh Napier University, Accepts Editor-in-Chief Role 

Blockchain in Healthcare Today is pleased to announce Prof Buchannan, OBD will join John Halamka, MD, to steer the peer review open access journal, augmenting the board's academic leadership from the European continent.

Bill is a passionate innovator, leading research in areas of cyber security, IoT, cryptography, and digital forensics. “We live in a legacy digital world which is almost completely untrustworthy. We must now rebuild it, and put patients and their rights at the core of efforts. The transformation of healthcare must be at the top of our research agenda, and how we best move towards capturing, analyzing, and storing data in a trustworthy way...I now have a chance to influence a future world, and part of this must be peer-reviewed publications and evidence-based research,” stated Bill Buchanan, OBE.

Please join BHTY in welcoming Prof Buchanan to the role!


CONV2X 2019 Thought Leader Presentations and One-to-One Interviews Are Live!

In partnership with HIMSS PCHAlliance ConnectedHealth Conference, ConVerge2Xcelerate (#ConV2X) 2019, brought together 65 world leading authorities in blockchain and telehealth for a single objective: PROVE Market Value with Innovation in Healthcare by informing, inspiring, and debating the value of technology innovation to health systems and health consumers around the world with EVIDENCE


Recipient of the Editor's Choice Award for Best Article, announced at the 2019 ConVerge2Xcelerate (#ConV2X) Annual Conference! 


We are excited to share the ATA has endorsed the peer reveiw journals Telehealth and Medicine Today and Blockhain in Healthcare Today.

“Blockchain is a key driving force behind maintaining accurate, actionable healthcare data – and is an important component of where we’re headed in telehealth. The ATA is delighted to collaborate with Partners in Digital Health, as the benefits of blockchain technology are critical to our members’ success in the future,” stated Ann Mond Johnson, CEO, ATA.

The academic portfolio’s editor-in-chief, John Halmaka, MD, International Healthcare Innovation Professor, Harvard Medical School, added “We are happy to collaborate with the ATA to catalyze local and global initiatives and use cases to move health, delivery, and education forward, with telehealth and blockchain technology.”


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Code Ocean, is a cloud based computational reproducibility platform, where researchers, engineers, developers, and scientists can upload code and data in any open source programming language and link working code in a computational environment within an article. The journal encourages authors and readers to share articles to broaden the sector's knowledge base. The initiative will also assist in reducing negative results, and ideally, accelerate time to market.

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