Blockchain in Healthcare Today (BHTY) is the preeminent open-access international peer-review journal for strategic thought leaders, new-era practitioners, and future society stakeholders engaged in blockchain technology and intersecting innovations in healthcare. The journal is published on a continuous basis in order to accelerate sharing rigorously vetted theoretical and experiential knowledge required for a growth sector.  A world-class editorial board endeavors to offer rapid peer-review each reveiw round (14 days), and includes constructive commentary to strengthen work.

Editorial Focus:

  • NEW BUSINESS MODELS: Future Society, future economy, new business models, incentive models, Tokenomics, cashless economy, Internet of value, ecosystem structure and dynamics, scalability, sustainability
  • BLOCKCHAIN TRIAD: the interplay of disintermediated business models, decentralized operations they require, and technology strategy to support both
  • USE CASES: use case discovery frameworks, use case roadmaps, key learnings from successful and unsuccessful experiences
  • SPECIAL REPORTS: may include consensus statements, guidelines, statements from a reputable task force or work group, or recommendations. These manuscripts are neither reviews nor original reports of primary research. 
  • NEW MODELS OF TRUST: Privacy, ethics, confidentiality, governance, access control, provenance, consensus
  • THEORY: game theory, psychology, consensus models, miner strategies
  • USER EXPERIENCE: market and user segmentation, generational demographics, consumerization of healthcare, behavioral considerations, user centered design, adoption drivers and barriers, Return-on-Adoption
  • HEALTH IT: Electronic Health Records, Health Information Exchange, claim adjudication, clinical trials, provenance, supply chain, ePedigree, medical devices, Internet of Things (IoT), wearables, sensors, smart medical home
  • LEGAL & REGULATORY: health and wellness consumer protection, health and wellness Tokenomics trading, fraud, liability, indemnification
  • TECHNOLOGY: On-Chain – Off-Chain solution architecture, DApps, identity management, consensus protocols, smart contracts, security, cryptography, tokens, interoperability, standards, scalability, business continuity
  • EDUCATION: the fundamentals, innovation management, managing digital transformation, future workforce

Authors can include relevant software code and data in the peer review process by uploading it to BHTY’s Code Ocean computational reproducibility workflow; and strengthen the validity, attribution, and trust-based reputation of their work with BHTY’s service option, a purpose built blockchain-enabled platform for academic and scientific research and development.

Submission Categories

Authors around the globe are invited to submit original papers in the following categories:

  • Proof of Concept
  • Use Cases, Pilots
  • Special Reports to include original consensus statements, guidelines, or recommendations
  • Methodologies/API
  • Production, Deployment
  • Original Clinical Research
  • Original Market Research
  • Narrative/Systematic Reviews/Meta-Analysis
  • Opinions, Perspectives, and Commentary on a current trend or issue impacting the sector
  • Training and Tool Kits


BHTY follows guidelines for authorship recommended by the ICMJE. Please click this link to review and determine authorship criteria for your submission. Authors must meet all four criteria to be listed as authors. We ask you to familiarize yourself with the recommended guidelines. Thank you.

Publishing Schedule

BHTY is published on a continuous basis to reflect a dynamic marketplace. Continuous publishing means articles are published as they are accepted, or, on a rolling basis, to ensure accurate reflection of developments, trends, and the most current knowledge available, while providing a forum for developing shared work and consensus.

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BHTY's audience includes researchers, and innovators in healthcare and academia including experts and leadership at hospitals, payer organizations, informatics, biopharma, public health, population health, government, healthcare insurance, CROs, not for profit organizations, consultants, financial advisors across the globe, industry executives, and all those with an interest in the latest knowledge on blockchain technology, implementation, and advances on the horizon in healthcare.

Governing Body

BHTY editorial leadership is comprised of world-renowned experts bringing depth, breadth of knowledge, curiosity, to the journal. For a complete list of members and financial disclosures, please click this link. 


Bill Buchanan, OBE, Professor, School of Computing, Edinburgh Napier University; Fellow of the BCS, United Kingdom

John D. Halamka, MD, MS, President, Mayo Clinic Platform


Archiving and Scholarly PracticesBHTY uses LOCKSS preservation, PKP|PS Indexing service, Portico, and CrossRef. We adhere to ICMJE, COPE, and WAME guidelines and practices. 

Indexing: As a new journal, we don’t have an Impact Factor. Please be assured, when BHTY is indexed, all articles will be indexed retroactively.

Revenue Sources:  BHTY revenue consists of advertising support for the journal, reprints, article publication fees, special editions, supplements, summit, advisory, and roundtable proceedings, and custom projects.  The journal portfolio curates an annual Converge2Xcelerate (#ConV2X) conference. Under no circumstance does commercial support impact the editorial decisions for journal manuscript review or acceptance.

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Those with an interest in submitting a manuscript or obtaining further information are encouraged to do so. Send inquiries to the Managing Editor, John Russo, PharmD, at  or the Publisher, Tory Cenaj, at