Blockchain in Healthcare Today is the 1st peer reviewed, scholarly journal on blockchain in healthcare that builds trust through truth. It is the newest title in the forward reaching Partners in Digital Health portfolio, creating an egalitarian “Community of Masters” marking a renaissance in healthcare.

Blockchain in Healthcare Today (BHTY) assists the healthcare industry and its leadership in sharing the objective evaluation of sustainably integrated, proven, and scientifically validated blockchain deployments within the healthcare system. The online journal offers rapid, peer-reviewed publication of research, reviews, and proof of concept for blockchain technology, and related areas that catalyze a new era in healthcare.  

Emphasis focuses on local and global innovations that foster ecosystem efficiencies, which include:

Interoperability | Patient Security | HIPAA Compliance | Network Security | Smart Contracts  |  Data Governance  |  IoT  |  Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence | EHR and PHR | HIE |  HL7  | Precision Medicine|  Drug Supply Chain Management


BHTY  is committed to building trust through truth. Your contributions are paramount to achieve this goal.  At this time, we are accepting manuscript submissions, editorial board nominations, and sponsor support.

Those with an interest in submitting a manuscript or obtaining further information are encouraged to do so.

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Our Mission statement

Our Vision statement

We want the journal to reflect a global community effort featuring new era thinkers and pioneers leading the marketplace to ultimately transform and dramatically increase the quality of healthcare around the globe.