Top 10 Blockchain Predictions for the (Near) Future of Healthcare

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John D Halamka
Gil Alterovitz
William J. Buchanan
Tory Cenaj
Kevin A. Clauson
Vikram Dhillon
Florence D. Hudson
Manouchehr (Mitch) Mokhtari
Dennis A. Porto
Ana Rutschman
Anh L. Ngo


To review blockchain lessons learned in 2018 and near-future predictions for blockchain in healthcare, Blockchain in Healthcare Today (BHTY) asked the world's blockchain in healthcare experts to share their insights. Here, our internationally-renowned BHTY peer-review board discusses their major predictions.
Based on their responses, presented in detail below, ten major themes (Table ) for the future of blockchain in healthcare will emerge over the 12 months.


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Halamka, J., Alterovitz, G., Buchanan, W., Cenaj, T., Clauson, K., Dhillon, V., Hudson, F., Mokhtari, M., Porto, D., Rutschman, A., & Ngo, A. (2019). Top 10 Blockchain Predictions for the (Near) Future of Healthcare. Blockchain in Healthcare Today, 2.
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