Top 10 Blockchain Predictions for the (Near) Future of Healthcare


  • John D Halamka, MD, MS Chief Information Officer, Beth Israel Deaconess System, Chairman, New England Healthcare Exchange Network (NEHEN), International Healthcare Innovation Professor, Harvard Medical School, and practicing emergency physician
  • Gil Alterovitz, PhD Faculty, Harvard Medical School/Boston Children's Hospital, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • William J. Buchanan, OBE, FBCS, CEng, PFHEA Professor, School of Computing, Edinburgh Napier University, Fellow, BCS and IET
  • Tory Cenaj Founder of Partners in Digital Health, and Publisher of the open access peer review journals Blockchain in Healthcare Today, and Telehealth and Medicine Today
  • Kevin A. Clauson, PharmD Associate Professor, Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
  • Vikram Dhillon Research Fellow, Institute of Simulation and Training at University of Central Florida
  • Florence D. Hudson Special Advisor, TrustedCI, The NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence at Indiana University, Special Advisor for Next Generation Internet, Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub at Columbia University, Co-founder Blockchain in Healthcare Global at IEEE-ISTO
  • Manouchehr (Mitch) Mokhtari, PhD Associate Professor, School of Public Health, University of Maryland, College Park
  • Dennis A. Porto, MD, MPH, FAAD Lewis Wendell Hackett award recipient at Harvard and contributor to the blockchain and bitcoin curriculum at Harvard Business School
  • Ana Rutschman Assistant Professor of Law, Center for Health Law Studies, Saint Louis University School of Law
  • Anh L. Ngo, MD, MBA



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To review blockchain lessons learned in 2018 and near-future predictions for blockchain in healthcare, Blockchain in Healthcare Today (BHTY) asked the world's blockchain in healthcare experts to share their insights. Here, our internationally-renowned BHTY peer-review board discusses their major predictions.
Based on their responses, presented in detail below, ten major themes (Table ) for the future of blockchain in healthcare will emerge over the 12 months.


This following paragraph has been corrected (page 3, first paragraph) from:

"Fourth, with over 1000 insurance companies in the country, filling out paperwork to document
provider training and licensure is a nightmare. The Synaptic Health Alliance aims to simplify
this process by putting all credentialing information on a distributed public ledger for all stakeholders to access.1"


"Fourth, keeping health care provider directories maintained by health plans up-to-date is a critical, complex issue facing organizations across the health care system. The first project of the Synaptic Health Alliance aims to simplify this process by putting provider demographic information on a permissioned blockchain for Alliance members to access and maintain.1"


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