Innovative Minds Shine Bright at the 2023 ConV2X Pitch Competition

Meet the Winners!



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On Sept 1, 2023, Partners in Digital Health, publisher of Blockchain in Healthcare Today (BHTY,) conducted the 4th Annual ConVerge2Xcelerate (ConV2X) Ignition Pitch Competition. The competition was recorded for journal and On Demand broadcast viewing.  Seven competitors in the digital health and DLT markets presented to eight decerning judges. Entrants were asked to demonstrate how products and services directly impact the telehealth and blockchain in healthcare technology fields from around the globe.  Product solution catgories included, but were not limited to:

AI & Tech in Telehealth and Medicine

  • Smart home care design, AI, sensors, robotics, chronic care condition(s) using RPM, reducing cost for health systems or patients, enhancing the physician-patient relationship, mixed reality to enhance outcomes in patient care, etc.

Advancing the Business of Health with Blockchain Technology

  • Monetization of data,  interoperability, improving population health, precision medicine, public health & equity, digital twins, secure identity, DeFi, medical metaverse, supply chain, clinical trials, etc.

Scores were rated from 1-5, with 5 being the highest/best. Criteria appears below. Scores were taillied, and winners selected for each category.

  • Impact:
    • How likely is the solution to improve outcomes for the problem identified?
  • Innovation:
    • Does the team provide a convincing rationale for why their solution may work?
    • Does the solution provide a creative approach and address specific user needs?
  • Scalability:
    • How easy would it be to develop and implement this solution?
    • Could this solution scale across different markets and therapeutic areas?
  • Presentation:
    • How effective was the presentation overall?
    • Was the solution they are proposing convincingly articulated, presented or visualized?


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Tory Cenaj, Founder, Partners in Digital Health





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