Blockchain Technology Predictions 2024: Transformations in Healthcare, Patient Identity and Public Health


  • Gianluca De Novi, PhD Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Imaging Department
  • Natalia Sofia, PharmD, Msc
  • Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes MD EMBA University of Miami, Miami, Florida USA
  • Christine, Yan Zang, PhD The Metaverse Institute, London, UK
  • Frank Ricotta CEO & Founder, BurstIQ, Englewood, Colorado, USA



AI and blockchain, blockchain in healthcare, blockchain in medicine, data security, Digital Twins, healthcare interoperability, monitize behavior, multi-omics platforms, platform technology, SSI, smart contracts, verifiable identities


In an era characterized by the convergence of cutting-edge technologies, the world of healthcare and public health is on the brink of a profound transformation that will shape the future of medicine and wellness. This transformation is not merely an incremental step forward; it is a paradigm shift. It is driven by the synergistic integration of digital twins, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and multi-omics platforms, collectively propelling us into uncharted territory. The integration of these innovations holds the potential to rewrite the rules of engagement in clinical trials, revamp the strategies for preventing public health crises, and redefine the way we manage, share, and secure healthcare data. As we embark on this journey of exploration and innovation, we find ourselves at a pivotal juncture, akin to the invention of the microscope in biology or the discovery of antibiotics in medicine. We are at the crossroads of a new era, one that teems with immense promise and transformative power. 


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