Cutting Pleasantries: Blasting a Clear Path Forward for a New Era in Healthcare


  • Ted Tanner (Moderator) PokitDok, Co-Founder, CTO
  • Matt Cunningham SVP, Business Development, Evicore
  • Erik Pupo Chief Information Officer, Columbia University Irving Medical Cente
  • Jay Sales Co-Director, VSP Global


Session Description: Over the past years many companies and pundits have discussed the adoption of distributed ledger technologies, aka blockchain for healthcare applications.  This panel will discuss the juxtaposition of the so-called Health IT industry and the myriad of applications that would positively reduce friction between the provider and consumer.  This improved  interaction will also reduce costs and bring true transparency to all transactions in healthcare.  Many believe that the Health IT industry is completely homeostatic for any type of true disruption.  Why does the industry trumpet disruption when their actions speak louder than words?  We address these concerns with leaders on the cutting edge of technology.  


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Author Biography

Ted Tanner (Moderator), PokitDok, Co-Founder, CTO

Ted Tanner is Co-Founder and CTO of PokitDok and a creator of DokChain, blockchain for healthcare. Focused primarily on Artificial Intelligence and Agent Based Systems, Ted has held architect positions at both Apple and Microsoft and held instrumental roles in several start-ups, including digidesign (IPO and acquired by Avid), Crystal River Engineering (acquired by Aureal Seminconductor), VP of R&D at MongoMusic (acquired by Microsoft) and Co-Founder and CTO of BeliefNetworks (acquired by Benefitfocus). He was also the CTO of Spatializer Audio Labs (NASDAQ: SPAZ), a company specializing in digital signal processing solutions. He is on the IAB for the University of South Carolina Computer Science Department as well as the Center for Intelligent Systems and Machine Learning at the University of Tennessee. He also serves on the Clemson University Restoration Institute Executive Advisory Board for the Zucker Family Graduate Education Center. Ted has published numerous articles in leading technical magazines and holds several patents in the areas of semantics, machine learning, signal processing and signal protection. Follow him on Twitter @tctjr. 



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