Surfacing Dark Knowledge: How Blockchain Technology Enhances Academic Publishing


  • Tory Cenaj (Moderator) Founder and Publisher, Partners in Digital Health, Blockchain in Healthcare Today and Telehealth and Medicine Today
  • Courtney Morris ARTiFACTS, President, Co-Founder
  • Sean Manion Science Distributed, Chief Executive


Session Description: Significant portions of usable, and funded research never make it through the data funnel, getting lost as "dark knowledge." Blockchain technology offers new ways to bring this dark knowledge to light.  The panel will discuss how blockchain technology impacts research and scholarly outputs including attribution, reproducibility, immutibility and peer review. Discussions will include how the technology can promote more knowledge, abbreviating time to market. Emerging use cases will be highlighted to demonstrate how the technology has dislodged traditional academic publishing practices including the ability to mine dark knowledge for potential scientific break throughs.


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Author Biographies

Courtney Morris, ARTiFACTS, President, Co-Founder

ARTiFACTS provides a simple, user-friendly platform, purpose built for academic and scientific research that leverages blockchain technology. Researchers can record a permanent, valid, and immutable chain of records in real-time, from the earliest stages of research for all research artifacts, including citing/attribution transactions.  While today’s digital scholarship merely creates linkages among an artificially narrowed subset of indexed publications long after discoveries are made, ARTiFACTS focuses on capturing and linking knowledge from its initial ideation throughout the research process to informal and formal dissemination. By using the ARTiFACTS platform, researchers will be able to immutably prove ownership and existence of novel work, expand access to their research artifacts, provide and receive ‘real-time’ attribution for novel work and more comprehensively and rapidly build and demonstrate their body of scholarly contributions.

To learn more, visit us at and follow us on Twitter @ARTiFACTS_ai

Sean Manion, Science Distributed, Chief Executive

Sean is a former DoD brain scientist and healthcare research administrator. He works closely with government, academia, and industry on research network development and blockchain business solutions for healthcare and research.  



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