Accelerating the Worldwide Adoption of Blockchain Technology


  • Raja Sharif CEO, ATMPS , London, England, United Kingdom



accelerating blockchain adoption, blockchain challenges, blockchain commercialization, blockchain in healthcare, blockchain technology , DLT, gene therapy


“To understand innovation you should ask "why not?" and not "why?" Selling (blockchain) is a problem and people and companies are blocking adoption which prevents innovation within a company, and stymies costs savings and  efficientcy - that is the problem.  It's a problem to be stuck in an innovation department - blockchain needs to be used in operations. Scientists and technologists need to understand one another better to create opportunity and success" - Raja Sharif, CEO, ATMPS

In 2022, the team at ATMPS  launched a potential game changer with a new approach to cell and gene therapy tracking, allowing more streamlined applications, payment options, and opportunity to realize true manufacturing safety and trust at scale, faster for personalized medicines and regimen treatments. The speaker highlights his experiences, and overcomes market challenges empasizing the need for better commercialization strategies for blockchain. In addition, the fllowing topics are addressed in the keynote:

  • Automated Processes
  • Regulatory Visibility & Compliance, FDA 21 CFR , HIPAA, GDPR
  • Putting Together Blockchain Architecture for IRTS & ERH Integration
  • Patient Apps and Mobile Device Issues
  • Supply Chain


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Raja Sariff, CEO, ATMS, Hataali, shares his viewpoint on market challenges and rquirements for accelerating blockchain  worldwide adoption.



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