How Blockchain Transforms Payer Processes to Create a Person-Centered Experience


  • Gabriela Pelin Chief Innovation Officer, Avaneer Health
  • Mark Treshock Executive Director, Emerging Technology, CVS Health
  • Bob Holzer Sr. Director Technology Exploration, Health Care Service Corporation



person-centered care, blockchain technology, blockchain workflows, joint processes, member experience, provider -payor collaboratives, ConV2X, BHTY, blockchain in healthcare


The panel discussion will cover how blockchain enables a more person-centered experience from the beginning of care through payment. With examples from real-world use cases, the discussion will explore how healthcare organizations can better collaborate together using blockchain, co-create workflows and joint processes, and deliver a better experience.

The discussion will answer these questions:

  • How are blockchain-enabled solutions more focused on the person?
  • What does the network solve that isn’t addressed by other solutions?
  • How do your use cases transform the member’s experience?
  • What ways can providers and payers collaborate and work together better using blockchain?


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Pelin, G. ., Treshock, M., & Holzer, B. (2023). How Blockchain Transforms Payer Processes to Create a Person-Centered Experience. Blockchain in Healthcare Today, 6(1).



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