Blockchain Policy Debate Resolve: Blockchain is Essential to Next Generation Healthcare Practice and Systems


  • William Baker New York University, Director, Global Debate Fund
  • Brian Behlendorf Hyperledger, Executive Director
  • John D. Halamka, MD, MS Beth Israel Deaconess System, New England Healthcare Exchange Network (NEHEN), Co-Chair, HIT Standards Committee, Professor, Harvard Medical School
  • Tim Ken Mackey UC San Diego, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Global Public Health
  • Amanda Stanhaus University of Michigan, PhD Student


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Author Biographies

William Baker, New York University, Director, Global Debate Fund

Mr. Baker heads the NYU Global Debate Fund, housed in the Business & Society Dept of the Stern Business School and is the CIO for Baker Consulting Associates (BCA) based in Dallas, Texas.  As a leading authority on debate training, strategy & operations, Will is one of the top corporate debate consultants in NYC.  He is highly, sought after by for-profit and non-profit clients for executive coaching, curriculum development and speaking engagements. 

The Global Debate Fund was the first NYU program initiative to span their entire Global Network involving over 300 students, professors and alumni in conversations about issues of current controversy. BCA is one of the oldest African American management consulting firms in Dallas specializing in workforce development, time management, strategic planning and small business transitions onto social media platforms. 

He teaches argumentation in the Steinhardt School of Education and directs the award-winning NYU debate team.  In 2003, NYU captured the National Championships making Will the first African American director to secure that title since Melvin Tolson of Wiley College in 1935.   This season's topic focuses on National Health Insurance Reform Strategies. 
He has led national and local initiatives to make debate accessible to 200,000 students in low-income communities using diverse strategies to build youth expression including poetry, mediation, hip-hop, debate, reasoned discourse and town hall meetings. He has overseen the training of 5000 students, teachers and business professionals in the transformative power of debate.  

Mr. Baker is a Past President of the Committee of Religious NGOs at the UN and former UN Representative for the International Association for Religious Freedom to ECOSOC and UNICEF.   He also held elected office as a Queens Assembly District Leader.  

John D. Halamka, MD, MS, Beth Israel Deaconess System, New England Healthcare Exchange Network (NEHEN), Co-Chair, HIT Standards Committee, Professor, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Halamka completed his undergraduate studies at Stanford University, where he received a degree in medical microbiology and a degree in public policy with a focus on technology issues. He entered medical school at the University of California, San Francisco and simultaneously pursued graduate work in bioengineering at the University of California, Berkeley focusing on technology issues in medicine. He completed his residency at Harbor–UCLA Medical Center in the Department of Emergency Medicine.

In his role at BIDMC, Dr. Halamka is responsible for all clinical, financial, administrative, and academic information technology, serving 3,000 doctors, 12,000 employees, and 1,000,000 patients. As chairman of NEHEN, Dr. Halamka oversees clinical and administrative data exchange among the payers, providers, and patients in Massachusetts.   As a Harvard professor, he has served the George W. Bush administration, the Obama administration, and national governments throughout the world planning their healthcare IT strategy.

Dr. Halamka has authored five books on technology-related issues, hundreds of articles and thousands of posts on the popular Geekdoctor blog. He runs Unity Farm in Sherborn, MA and serves as caretaker for 150 animals, 30 acres of agricultural production and a cidery/winery.

Tim Ken Mackey, UC San Diego, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Global Public Health

Tim Ken Mackey is an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Global Public Health at UC San Diego School of Medicine and is also the Director of Healthcare Research and Policy at UC San Diego - Extension. He is also the Director of the Global Health Policy Institute (  He holds a BA in Political Science-International Relations and a Masters Degree in Health Policy & Law from UC San Diego and also earned his PhD in Global Public Health from the joint doctoral program at UC San Diego - San Diego State University.   His work focuses on a broad array of multidisciplinary topics in domestic and global public health. This includes cross-cutting research in disciplines of public health, health technology and innovation, supply chain, pharmaceutical policy, international relations, and public policy and law.  He has co-authored over 140 publications and given over 100 presentations to audiences in academia, industry, and government.  He also has extensive professional experience working over 10 years in industry, and acting as a consultant for the World Health Organization, U.S. Department of State, and U.S. Department of Justice.  He is also the co-Chair of the IEEE Standards Association Supply Chain/Clinical Trials Technology Implementation Industry Connections Program that focuses on stakeholder collaboration around blockchain technology for the pharmaceutical supply chain. 

Amanda Stanhaus, University of Michigan, PhD Student

Amanda Stanhaus is a Health Management and Policy Ph.D. student at The University of Michigan. Her health policy research interests include emerging technologies, data privacy, and patient protection. Her advisor is Professor Denise Anthony. In addition, she is working with Professor Florian Schaub at Michigan’s School of Information.

Prior, she worked as a strategist for J.P.Morgan’s Blockchain team that developed Quorum, an enterprise version of Ethereum. She is an expert researcher of Blockchain market dynamics; her analysis informed investment decisions, including Axoni and Digital Asset Holdings, as well as partnership decisions, notably Zcash. Amanda was essential to launching the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, including aligning divergent incentives of various stakeholders to negotiate a common membership agreement. As a research assistant to Yale University’s Professor Theodore Marmor, she analyzed Medicare during its 50th anniversary and collaborated with Professor Jonathan Oberlander and Kip Sullivan.  And at McGill University, she worked with Dean Antonia Maioni to compare the welfare states of the U.S. and Canada while completing her B.A. in North American Studies and Economics.

Amanda is an Editorial Reviewer for Blockchain in Healthcare Today.



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