The Decentralization Zeitgeist: Can the Revolution be Real?


  • Shira Frank Maiden, Co-Founder
  • Fennie Wang OpenWater Capital, COO and Chief of Regulatory


Session Description: What does the future look like if blockchain is the foundation of the future economy? Join us to explore the culture, economics, and inner dynamics of this burgeoning industry. Who is leading the charge? What are the values and ideologies driving the growth of this technology and how might that impact the nature of the global economy five, ten, twenty years from now?

Finally who is using these new decentralized tools? How does a tech-heavy enterprise like blockchain enable the average non-tech consumer to maximize its utility? What are the barriers to mainstream adoption and how can we best bridge them? 

In a decentralized industry what would it mean to come together? How might we pool resources to build the non-technical infrastructure necessary to meaningfully advance mainstream blockchain adoption?


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Author Biographies

Shira Frank, Maiden, Co-Founder

Shira brings over 15 years of work in politics, social change, women’s philanthropy, and fundraising with her role as Co-Founder of Maiden, a company devoted to building a more intelligent economy by diversifying the leaders, makers, and culture of Blockchain Technology. Shira spent seven years as a Deputy Director for J Street—the single-largest pro-Israel PAC in the US—working to transform the way Congress and the Executive branch engage in the Middle East and to promote the creation of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

During Shira's tenure, J Street partnered with the Obama Administration to successfully push the Iran-Nuclear deal through Congress and prevent a war with Iran. Shira holds a degree in Government and Political Theory from Smith College. She hails from the Redwood Coast of Arcata, CA and after spending eight years in our nation’s capital, she recently found her heart back in the wild west where she is currently living in Boulder, CO.

Fennie Wang, OpenWater Capital, COO and Chief of Regulatory

Fennie Wang is a lawyer turned entrepreneur in the blockchain field. She is the COO and Chief of Regulatory for OpenWater Capital, a hedge fund focused entirely on digital asset and cryptocurrency markets. In addition, she works on strategic projects with the Bancor, a decentralized digital asset exchange. She is also a cofounder of ixo, which is a blockchain for tokenizing any project’s social impact outcomes into digital assets that can be funded, traded or exchanged. 

Fennie is a US-qualified securities lawyer, who practiced securities litigation and international capital markets in New York and London. She is involved in legal advocacy for the emergent token economy, as a blockchain advisor to New York State Assemblyman Ron Kim and the New York City Economic Development Corporation. She is also a working group coordinator at COALA, a cross-disciplinary technology policy group. 

She holds a law degree from Columbia, and degrees in business and legal studies from Berkeley.  



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