Blockchain for Patient and HCP Data Rights Management: Lessons from an Enterprise Install


  • Dominique Hurley HealthVerity, Vice President Innovation & Strategy


Session Description: Privacy laws like GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) have created a much more regulated environment in which enterprises need to operate in regards to consumer data permissions. Built on hyperledger fabric, HealthVerity Consent is an enterprise-level platform that allows organizations to aggregate and manage all existing touchpoints across the organization in one central location to comply with evolving privacy requirements.

In this session we'll review what it took to deliver an enterprise blockchain installation where we drove business process change across departments and companies to better manage rights to data access and use. We’ll cover: 

  • 5 key lessons learned you can apply to future blockchain implementations
  • How to integrate into a non-blockchain ecosystem
  • What challenges were faced in order to drive business process change with blockchain
  • How to manage existing barriers when migrating from legacy systems and business process to distributed ledger technology



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Author Biography

Dominique Hurley, HealthVerity, Vice President Innovation & Strategy

Dominique Hurley is an expert in Bio/Pharma commercial operations with a focus on
commercial data enablement. She is currently Vice President of Innovation and Strategy for HealthVerity, a cloud-based technology company enhancing the transparency, availability, and cost-efficiency in healthcare
data access and management. Through novel technology that encrypts, matches and unifies
healthcare data, HealthVerity delivers interoperable access to over 300 million patients and 11
billion healthcare and consumer transactions.

Prior to HealthVerity, Dominique was Senior Director, Commercial Operations at Biogen where
she led the aggregation of specialty pharmacy data for the multiple sclerosis and hematology
franchises unifying the information and its use across the enterprise. She also led key initiatives
on measurement and reporting strategy to support a better understanding of patient and
physician needs for both mature and launch brands. Prior to Biogen, she led the information
strategy, technology and commercial operations set up for Ironwood Pharmaceuticals in
advance of their first commercial launch, Linzess.

Dominique also spent time on the supplier side of the industry serving as VPGM of Epsilon
(ADS) pharmaceutical practice. Here she led global, omni-channel engagements for
AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Procter & Gamble. She is a graduate of Lehigh

University College of Business and Economics and resides in the Boston area.



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