The Proliferation of Concierge Medicine Business Models in Value Based Medicine


  • Rajiv Leventhal (Moderator) Healthcare Informatics, Managing Editor
  • Jay Parkinson Sherpaa, Founder & CEO
  • Sandeep Pulim Medici MD. CIO


Session Description: In a healthcare landscape that is increasingly shifting to value-based care, some patients are finding the amount of time their primary care physicians have for them dwindling and look for other methods of healthcare delivery to increase communication with their doctors. Many have turned to concierge medicine to address these problems. Here, patients pay an annual membership fee to be part of a concierge medicine model. Doctors will have fewer patients, but spend more time addressing medical concerns and preventing disease among their set of patients.

The session will address how concierge medicine can solve some of the biggest problems around traditional healthcare payment options. Does this model reduce costs in the short- and long-term? What apps are being developed in tandem?

What’s the physician and patient perspective toward concierge medicine?


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Author Biographies

Rajiv Leventhal (Moderator), Healthcare Informatics, Managing Editor

Rajiv Leventhal is Managing Editor of Healthcare Informatics, covering healthcare IT leadership and strategy for the renowned, award-winning publication. Since 2012, he has been covering the daily impact of regulatory measures on Healthcare Informatics’ CIO and CMIO-based audience, and has taken keen interest in areas such as patient engagement, health information exchange, mobile health, healthcare data security, and telemedicine. 

Jay Parkinson, Sherpaa, Founder & CEO

For the past 11 years, I’ve been building services that explore what the internet means to healthcare delivery. Two months after the iPhone was released back in 2007, I launched the world’s first mobile-powered house call doctor practice and it subsequently went viral racking up 7 million hits on my site in the first month of operations. Soon after, I co-founded Hello Health, one of the first cloud-based electronic medical records designed to power a new kind of medical practice— one that delivered care both in our offices in NYC and online with our patients. Hello Health continues to thrive powering cutting-edge practices around the world.

In 2010, I co-founded a design firm to work with large brands across the world to help them figure out what the internet means to health. Our clients included the NHS in the UK, Sanofi in Paris, Planned Parenthood of America, and Physicians Interactive. With Physicians Interactive, we ideated and designed one of the most popular iPad apps for physicians, Omnio. In 2012, I created Sherpaa and pioneered Virtual Primary Care. VPC combines the scalability and accessibility of telehealth with the continuity found in traditional primary care and enables our primary care doctors to manage 95% of the conditions a traditional office-based primary care doctor can manage. Sherpaa employs full-time physicians and delivers 24/7/365 primary care in 48 states to employees of self-funded companies, members of forward-thinking health plans, and directly to individuals.

I’m currently the CEO of Sherpaa and VPC’s main evangelist. I’ve spoken at over 50 conferences including TED, Google’s Zeitgeist, the Clinton Global Initiative, the Aspen Institute, Mayo Transform, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. I address new models of healthcare delivery, the future of primary care, design, and healthcare business model transformation.

Sandeep Pulim, Medici MD. CIO

Dr. Sandeep Pulim is a physician entrepreneur and digital health pioneer. Prior to joining Medici as Chief Innovation Officer in 2017, Sandeep helped to build one of the first venture backed health care e-learning platforms called  Since then Sandeep has been building innovative digital health technologies to help improve care delivery, access, and outcomes for both patients and providers. 

Sandeep Co-Founded and served as the Chief Medical Officer of Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) a mobile enabled patient engagement solution to prevent all-cause 30-day hospital readmissions. 

Most recently Sandeep helped co-found and served as the Chief Medical Information Officer of At Point of Care where he helped design and deliver IBM Watson based cognitive learning tools via a partnership with IBM to over 200,000 HCPs. 

Sandeep is deeply connected to the healthcare innovation ecosystem and has mentored numerous digital health startups via collaborations with Blueprint Health, StartUp Health, Health for America and HealthXL.




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