S3EF-HBCAs: Secure and Sustainable Software Engineering Framework for Healthcare Blockchain Applications


  • Muthu Ramachandran, PhD Educational & Research Consultant AI Tech, Leeds, UK and Visiting Professor at University of Southampton, UK https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5303-3100




blockchain architecture, ethics, privacy, engineering for blockchain, framework for blockchain, security, smart contract, software framework, sustainability


Blockchain applications in healthcare have grown rapidly and it includes record keeping, clinical trials, medical supply chains, patient monitoring, etc. where Blockchain characteristics are needed to improve safety, privacy, and security. Blockchain Technology is one of the biggest disruptive technologies today. However, Porru, et. al (2017) have reported it lacks processes, tools, and techniques. Therefore, this paper provides a systematic framework for a secure and sustainable software engineering framework for healthcare blockchain applications. Secure and Sustainable Software Engineering Framework for Healthcare Blockchain Applications (S3EF-HBCA) significant contribution includes requirements engineering for healthcare, business process modelling for healthcare, domain modelling for healthcare, a reference architecture for healthcare, and validation by case study on Electronic Healthcare Record Management System (EHR), and simulation with Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) tools. The simulation shows it has taken 10.45 minutes to process 100 instances of real-time data and service requests. The overall result shows encouragement in terms of process, tools, standards, and testing.


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