Blockchain in Healthcare: 2023 Predictions from Around the Globe


  • Talisha Shine, MBA, CBE Director of Studio Operations, Hashed Health, USA
  • Jane Thomason, PhD, Msc. Industry Associate, University College London, Centre for Blockchain Technology , UAE
  • Imtiaz Khan, PhD Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK
  • Mohamed Maher, MBA Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK
  • Kohei Kurihara Co-founder, Privacy by Design Lab, Japan



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While the past 50 years have been categorized as the Information or Digital Age, the mass amounts of digitized data has been sorely underutilized. It was only recently through the COVID-19 pandemic that accelerated efforts were sought to harness this data with the use of blockchain technology in healthcare. Through the infrastructure and its tokenization applications, we can now effectively leverage healthcare data into more efficient business processes, secure better patient engagement and outcomes all while generating new revenue streams for an array of healthcare stakeholders. It is in compiling this stockpiled data into new, compliant business models and utilizing blockchain technology that we can reap the full potential of this era. Here are some predictions as to how we might set about these efforts in 2023. 


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