Integrating Blockchain with AI and 5G to Mitigate Covid-19: A Comprehensive Literature Review

Blockchain Academic Research Presentation: Research


  • Frank Ashmore



Blockchain tech, COVID-19, electronic health records, blockchain in healthcare, blockchain and AI, blockchain and 5G, blockchain challenges in healthcare, COVID-19 detection, collecting IoT data, tracking infections with blockchain, sharing data with blockchain networks



The annual ConV2X is a leading international health tech symposium driving real world evidence, strategy, research, operations and trends to create a blueprint for a new digital health era. The 2021 symposium featured a scientific program of academic/research presentations in addition to business and industry talks. The research track focused on exploring and sharing developments in blockchain and emerging technologies in health and clinical medicine. Submissions were based on original research, conceptual frameworks, proposed applications, position papers, case studies, and real-world implementation. Selection was based on a peer-review process. Faculty, students, and industry researchers were encouraged to submit abstracts to present ideas before an informed and knowledgeable audience of industry leaders, policy makers, funders, and researchers.

This presentation was selected by the scientific review committee.

Submission Review Committee

  • Dave Kochalko, CEO of ARTiFACTS
  • Anjum Khurshid, UT Austin
  • Carlos Caldas, UT Engineering
  • Gil Alterovitz, Harvard Medical School
  • Kayo Fujimoto, UT Health Houston
  • Lei Zhang, University of Glasglow
  • Sean Manion, CSciO of ConsenSys Health
  • Vijayakuman Varadarajan, University of South Wales
  • Vikram Dhillon, Wayne State University
  • Yuichi Ikeda, Kyoto University



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