Blockchain is a Team Sport



  • Brian Thornley, AVP Supply Excellence and Digital Transformation, Merck Sharp Dohme



blockchain in healthcare, digital healthcare supply chain, healthcare supply chain strategy, blockchain pharma collaboration, global blockchain consensus, PharmaLedger Consortium, Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), pharmaceutical utility network, inventory visability, Merck Sharp and Dohme blockchain, security & tracebility, open utility network


Brian M. Thornley leads the global supply strategy from plant to patient. He oversees Merck’s digital supply chain strategy including blockchain enabled pharma, organization development and enterprise segmentation to optimize service, cost, earnings and return on capital employed. Previously, he was AVP Supply Chain Operations EMEA & AP, including Planning and Strategy for Merck MSD, developing the strategic approach to deliver internal efficiencies and external transformation of the supply chain from factories to end customer. Before joining MSD he was the COO of Aegate Ltd, implementing integrated data and information networks directly with pharmacies across Europe and the first commercial pharmaceutical authentication system across the European pharmacy network. Brian provided consultancy support to the PGEU, the representative body of pharmacies in Europe.


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