Accelerating Healthcare with Innovation in Blockchain



  • Stuart Hanson, CEO, Avaneer



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The keynote highlights how rising healthcare costs, drivers of waste in the system, and an outdated infrastructure slow innovation and create a poor patient experience.  A modern infrastructure that connects the healthcare ecosystem is needed to deliver data liquidity with security. Modernizing the infrastructure of healthcare empowers innovation in blockchain, AI, DLT, and NLP.


Stuart Hanson is a lifelong strategist a innovator I healthcare and fintech. From the beginning of his career, Stuart identified unique ways to leverage technology to improve processes and transform consumer experiences. As CEO of Avaneer Health, he leads the team building an inclusive network that solve the problem of interoperability by ensuring all stakeholders have equal ad easy access to patient data when it is needed most. Prior to joining Avaneer, Stuart served as head of healthcare payments and served as a senior healthcare executive at JP Morgan Chase. He led and negotiated the filrm’s largest acquisition in healthcare when acquiring InstaMed in 2019. Previously, Stuart served as general manager of consumer payment solutions at Change Healthcare. Stuart has also served in leadership roles for healthcare solutions at Citi and Fifth Third Bank. He chaired the HIMSS Revenue Cycle Improvement Task Force, focused on creating a vision for the next generation of revenue cycle management tolls and processes to drive administrative cost containment, interoperability and a better consumer experience.


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