Implementation Considerations for Blockchain in Healthcare Institutions

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Ketan Paranjape
Mitchell Parker
David Houlding
Josip Car


Objective: This article aims to provide a primer on blockchain technology and implementation considerations for blockchain at healthcare institutions. 

Results: After research and interviews, we developed a primer and a high-level implementation guide for healthcare systems exploring the use of blockchain technology. 

Conclusions: The use of blockchain technology in health care is at a promising stage in development but blockchain-based applications are yet to be demonstrated as a viable platform for exchanging and reviewing information. Healthcare systems should be cautiously optimistic regarding the potential of blockchain and do a thorough business and technical diligence that is driven by targeted use cases to be successful. 


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Paranjape, K., Parker, M., Houlding, D., & Car, J. (2019). Implementation Considerations for Blockchain in Healthcare Institutions. Blockchain in Healthcare Today, 2.
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