Tokens & The Internet of Value: Blending Game Theory, Computer Science, Psychology, and Economics


  • Tom Savel (Moderator) CDC, Director, Informatics Innovation Unit
  • Katherine Kuzmeskas SimplyVital Health, Co-Founder
  • Chrissa McFarlane Patientory, Founder/CEO
  • Mihaela Ulieru Endor.coin, Chief Alchemist


Session Description: Tokenization is a fundamental and transformation feature enabled via a blockchain. Tokenization is the digital representation of a real-world or digital asset of value (e.g., health data, real estate, music, insurance, advertising, art). Once tokenized, assets can be easily and securely exchanged. Within the healthcare ecosystem, these digital assets can be used for many different purposes (incentivizing positive health behaviors, reward data sharing, facilitate communication, assuring data quality, etc.). This session will discuss the transformational impact tokenization can have within the healthcare ecosystem. Topics will also include the use of next generation, non-fungible tokens (e.g., ERC-721, “CryptoKitties”). As every technology has its challenges, concerns and pitfalls around tokenization and the internet of value will be discussed.


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Author Biographies

Tom Savel (Moderator), CDC, Director, Informatics Innovation Unit

Dr. Savel collaborates with CDC staff and the broader public health community to develop, test, and evaluate innovative tools and technologies with the potential to improve public health practice.
Dr. Savel received his medical degree from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and his undergraduate degree in psychology from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. He received training in General Surgery at the University of Texas Health Science Center- Houston, and Family Medicine at the St. Joseph Hospital in Houston, Texas.  He is a graduate of CDC’s Public Health Informatics Fellowship Program.

Dr. Savel is an adjunct professor in the Applied Public Health Office at the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University, and, on his own time, maintains his clinical skills in addiction medicine, treating patients with opioid addiction. He is a member of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) and the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). 

Katherine Kuzmeskas, SimplyVital Health, Co-Founder

Katherine Kuzmeskas, MPH is the founder and CEO of SimplyVital Health. SimplyVital Health provides an intentionally simple care coordination platform that uses Blockchain technology to prevent denials and increase reimbursement for value based programs and MACRA.

Prior to founding SimplyVital Health, Katherine was the Program Manager of the Center for Musculoskeletal Care for Yale New Haven Health where she managed, designed, and analyzed the joint replacement and spine bundles and gainsharing programs. Katherine’s experience also includes strategic planning for the medicine and surgery service lines at Yale New Haven Health and overseeing the design and development of an enterprise wide care management dashboard at a statewide community health center network.

Chrissa McFarlane, Patientory, Founder/CEO

Chrissa McFarlane is the CEO of Patientory, a global currency and population health management service that regulates and secures patient data, Named as one of the top women “leaving their mark on the medtech field” by Becker’s Hospital Review, Chrissa launched Patientory in December 2015 after seeing the need in the market for a more personalized and secure population health management solution.

Chrissa exudes creativity and is a high-performing strategic thinker and excellent team-builder. She’s an entrepreneur with a passion for creating cutting-edge healthcare products that transform the face of healthcare delivery in the US and abroad. She brings over 10 years in the healthcare industry conducting research and managing teams. She holds notable international published research in healthcare and has helped create breakthrough digital health companies that have provided services to companies such as Tumblr, Blue Apron, Casper and Meetup. 

Her passion for health care began as early as high school, where she conducted microbiology research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and won top honors at the Otto Burgdorf Research Competition. Later at Cornell University, Chrissa worked with organizations such as the United States Department of Agriculture-Robert Holey Center for Agriculture and Health and Cayuga Medical Center. After teaching Math and Science for a year in an underserved community inside the Atlanta Public School system, Chrissa decided to pursue business school. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, cum laude from Cornell, and a Masters in Management from the Wake Forest University School of Business. 

Chrissa resides in Atlanta and Tweets at @ChrissaTanelia.

Mihaela Ulieru, Endor.coin, Chief Alchemist

Professor Mihaela Ulieru is President of the IMPACT Institute for the Digital Economy, aiming to capitalize on her achievments as the Canada Research Chair in Adaptive Information Infrastructures for the eSocietywhich she held for five years since July 2005. In 2007 she was appoined to the Science, Technology and Innovation Council of Canada by the Minister of Industry, to advise the government and provide foresight on innovation issues related to the ICT impact on Canada's economic development and social well-being against international standards of excellence. In 2006 she was appointed to the Science and Engineering Research Council of Singapore, and in 2010 she was appointed Expert in ICT-Enabled Innovation at the Executive Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation of Romania, and as Adjunct Research Professor at Carleton University, in Ottawa. As a tenured professor at the University of New Brunswick (2005-2012) she founded the Adaptive Risk Management Laboratory with Canada Foundation for Innovation sponsorship. She led several large scale projects funded by NSERCDRDCCANARIE and NBIF targeting the management of complex situations through more organic ways of governance (book chapter here).

The broadness of her background and expertise enable Dr. Ulieru to tackle problems from original perspectives which require a high level of interdisciplinarity - such as her large scale international collaborative projects aiming to make ICTs an integral component of policy making for social innovation generation for a healthier, safer, more sustainable, and innovation-driven world Future of MedicineLiving Technologies- book chapter here and Emulating the Mind, recently coined in a book.



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