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Genomics, DNA and Data Distribution

March 26, 2020 RESOURCES

Leah Kleylein Links:

David Koepsell Links: @EncrypGen

Ahmed Questions:

Maksim Tsvetovat Links:


Diversity in Blockchain Event:

July 9, 2020 RESOURCES

Jennifer Zegel Links: 

Jennifer Zegel Bio

Diversity in Blockchain Philly Team

Hasshi Presentation and Links:

Hasshi Bio/Academic Page

Recap of Hasshi presenting to US House Energy and Commerce Committee on BC for COVID-19

Blockchain’s Role in Controlling the Spread

Presbyterian Senior Living Philadelphia PA Homepage

How Senior/Assisted Living Facilities are Managing for COVID-19 (Presby Featured)

What is a SIR Model and How it Helps Track COVID-19 Data

Contract Tracing CDC Study

What Bluetooth Low Energy Is | How it Helps Trace Proximity in Wearable/Light Devices | Some Cautions to Be Aware of with Bluetooth Tracing

Scholarly Article on Blockchain Beacon Messaging Notices

Predictive vs. Prescriptive Analytics 

Andrew Bonner Presentation and Links: 

Instant Access Medical Team Bios

COVID-19 Data Discrepancies | More | More

How COVID-19 Effects People with Diabetes

Why Hypertension Cases Are More Deadly Than They Have To Be

COVID-19 Coalition Working Group (Instant Access Medical/ConsenSys Health both members)

Guardtime HSX and Health APIs

Mike McCoy Presentation and Links: 

Federated Learning and Why It's Important 

Blockchain-based Federated Learning Healthcare Consortia

IEEE Blockchain Standards Subgroup | Industry Likeminded Standards Partner Perspective 

STOP COVID-19 Hackathon, Judged by HHS CIO, VA CIO, Founders of Hyperledger/Ethereum 

Google Is Into Federated Analytics Too

Dignity Preserving Healthcare: Privacy By Design Overview