Blockchain in Healthcare Today is pleased to announce Prof Buchannan, OBD will join John Halamka, MD, to steer the peer review open access journal, augmenting the board's academic leadership from the European continent.

Bill is a passionate innovator, leading research in areas of cyber security, IoT, cryptography, and digital forensics. “We live in a legacy digital world which is almost completely untrustworthy. We must now rebuild it, and put patients and their rights at the core of efforts. The transformation of healthcare must be at the top of our research agenda, and how we best move towards capturing, analyzing, and storing data in a trustworthy way...I now have a chance to influence a future world, and part of this must be peer-reviewed publications and evidence-based research,” stated Bill Buchanan, OBE.

Please join BHTY in welcoming Prof Buchanan to the role!