At Blockchain in Healthcare Today (BHTY), we know exactly how far... Sixty-five (65) countries. That's right, Blockchain in Healthcare Today is read in SIXTY-FIVE (65) countries worldwide. This number is based on the location of BHTY subscribers/registrants.

A new milestone.. we are pleased to disclose BHTY has passed the 20,000 article downloads mark.

More "reach," you ask...?

For background, Blockchain in Healthcare Today is a new journal that debuted in March 2018.  BHTY has claimed its first citation since its debut.  We ask authors to consider submitting athier manuscript to BHTY to fortify the body of knowledge in the healthcare sector.

BHTY was launched to help build credibility for, and validation of, blockchain technology in healthcare. It is the first international peer review journal focused, exclusively, on blockchain technology in healthcare.

Thank you readers, authors, and BHTY board members.

BHTY - Building Trust Through Truth.

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