Publons, encourages scientists to share their peer review experience online to acquire credit for reviewing activity. Publons has registered more than 400,000 researchers that have shared details of over 2 million reviews on the site. Publons verifies reviews, and publicly lists the number of reviews that have been conducted with a journal. They also provide training for peer reviewer.

The company helps tackle fake peer review and compromised review systems. With a worldwide growth in research and innovation, more reviewers are needed to insure quality, and recognizing reviewers with “credit” is now possible!

We look to Publons to assist in the ability to catch error and fraud, although having an open peer review system does help.

Over time, each user can build a public profile of activity which can be exported, giving researchers a verified record of their contributions to peer review.

Publons was the 2017 The Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) Award winner.

BHTY is happy to join the Publons community, and enhance peer review for both the board, and the journal.