Blockchain in Healthcare Today (BHTY)  publishes articles on a continuous basis. That means BHTY accepts submissions on an ongoing basis to keep up with dynamic developments and current knowledge in the field. 

If you would like to submit an original paper, that means it has not been published anywhere, kindly follow the guidelines at this link: BHTY Author Submission Information

Please note the following below.

  1. There is no charge for "Perspectives/Opinion" papers. They are categorized as "Feature" articles
  1. Under no circumstance is an “advertorial” an acceptable BHTY Feature article
  1. Original research must be written in a particular format. For example, it must have an abstract. Abstracts act as your “calling card,” for data aggregators and facilitate exposure to articles published – be sure your paper has an abstract. Check the following links to help write it at CONSORT or PRISMA.
  1. The BHTY business model includes an APC. This is standard in industry for open access journals, HOWEVER…

BHTY has a Waiver Policy. We want to encourage open exchange in an evolving and dynamic market giving fair consideration to all submissions. We believe this should NOT be linked to the ability to pay. We review papers based strictly on MERIT. The quality and contribution it makes to the sector supersedes the APC. We believe this is paramount for fair and open exchange. 

  1. There is no charge for students currently enrolled at an academic institution.
  2. Papers must be evaluated before a waiver determination is made, and based solely on the MERITS of the paper.
  3. BHTY provides a fair and unbiased forum where authors are encouraged to share both positive and negative experience with blockchain technology. This can help efforts, planned and underway, in the sector. We are committed to providing a fair and objective forum for all perspectives and experiences.
  4. Manuscripts should represent:
  • Originality and practicality in advancing blockchain technology in the value based healthcare environment
  • Importance to research, practice, or change in the field
  • Interest and relevance for those outside the audience
  • Rigorous methodology, with conclusions justified by the evidence presented, where possible. We realize this is a new technology and still early to demonstrate outcomes, but this is critical for the sector - give it your best effort.
  • Adherence to the highest ethical standards

Two links to writing examples you may want to use as guides are:

  1. Perspective paper:
  2. Research Paper:

For more information on what your paper should contain and how to format it for submission, go to:

We are here to help as we realize this is new for many of you. Please contact the publisher should you have additional questions at

Thank you,

Blockchain in Healthcare Today