Manuscripts of interest will present or establish advances in this new health sector utilizing evidence-based outcomes from deployment of blockchain technologies in healthcare.

Blockchain in Healthcare Today (BHTY) Article Types

Research: Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-model original research approaches that focus on blockchain technology and must contain a hypothesis, introduction, methods, results, interpretation of findings, and a discussion of possible implications.  Randomized, controlled trials, case series, cohort studies, pilot studies, and meta-analysis are also examples of original research that BHTY accepts for this category. As applicable, financial, and quality of care implications should also be explored. Maximum word count is 4000.

Methodology: Detailed outlines of mature, but unexecuted research protocols, current methodological approaches, grant proposals, and preliminary reports. Articles must contain background, objectives, methods, and discussion.  Maximum word count is 2000.

Proof of Concept: Demonstrations of blockchain technology feasibility to verify real world application, potential value and learnings. Examples such as interoperability, API, and system integration and deployment may be topics. Use cases may also be submitted under this category. As possible, BHTY asks the author(s) to include examination of the financial impact the product or service may have on the marketplace. Maximum word count is 2800.

Review: Narrative and systematic review articles provide an overview of existing literature focused on blockchain, distributed ledgers, and distributed systems. Example focal points include trust, identity, privacy, safety and security implications in healthcare and potential for blockchain to address these areas for devices, software, distribution channels, etc. The goal of this article type is to identify specific problems or issues and analyze information from available published work on the topic with a balanced perspective. Note: meta-analyses should be submitted as original research. Maximum word count for review articles is 4000.

Primers: Since the blockchain technology sector is relatively new, we recognize Primers can be an important source of basic information to help educate the marketplace, including device manufacturers, software providers, patients and providers, healthcare administrators and provide a launch point for understanding the complexities in related areas BHTY elucidates in more depth. Maximum word count is 2000.

Technological Report: These reports focus on blockchain technological innovations in healthcare. Priority is given to papers on the technical underpinnings of an initiative presented in a manner that informs influencers in making decisions in this space. For example, relevant pragmatic work on change management, human factors, and design thinking that accompany innovation should include actual implementation experience whenever available. Reports of metrics to measure these components is highly recommended. Maximum word count is 2000.

Perspective: These articles represent an expert opinion or considered point of view on the field of blockchain technology in healthcare, alerts of potential problems, observations, comments, controversies and opinions. It can contain a single concept or several related concepts. Maximum word count is 1000.

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