Blockchain in Healthcare Today (BHTY), building trust through truth,..
BHTY converges science, government, innovation, and commercial entities, exclusively, in the healthcare ecosystem. This is your unique opportunity to share, inform, and create the appropriate message and campaign, to leave an imprint, claim a stake, and show leadership, in this dynamic market.

Support BHTY. Advertising packages are available for Thought leader, Marcomm, and Start-ups. A la carte options are also available as one size does not fit all. Please see package features below. Should you prefer to create your own unique "voice," we understand, and encourage collaborating to customize a package that fulfills your needs and objectives. Reach out to the publisher with inquiries at


"Thought Leader" package: $25,000.00 US


Corporate board members will realize marquis commercial benefits demonstrating the highest standards of excellence and leadership under the auspices of the journal. 


"Marcomm" only package: $12,500.00 US


"Start-up" package: $2,500.00 US


The BHTY environment is one that provides cache, but more importantly, the credibility for your company's unique message(s) and initiatives, in an environment that is thoughtful, targeted, and focused. 

We look forward to working with you!